Present Day & Beyond


October 2017 marked the first anniversary of RSCCTHT, that is, Royal Sutton Coldfield Community Town Hall Trust, managing the Town Hall.

In truth however, the hard work began long in advance of the charity trust actually acquiring full managerial control of the Town Hall. The problems that had for some time been affecting the long-term viability of the Town Hall were identified and appropriate solutions drawn up. This pragmatic approach is indicative of RSCCTHT’s take on developing an evolutionary strategy for securing long term success. In the time that has elapsed since the takeover, the trust’s approach has helped stabilise the Town Hall financially and, by virtue of this fact, has helped cast off the looming spectre of closure. With this long-desired stability at last a reality, and while the trust’s takeover remains ostensibly in its teething stages, it has allowed long term frequenters of the Town Hall to return, rebook and form a solid foundation from which RSCCTHT are now able to build.

After stabilising financially and diversifying the bookings, RSCCTHT has thus far focussed on creating a platform on which to build a greater diversity and higher utilisation of the Town Hall. While there is still much work to be done however, with support from town councillors, existing user groups and local Suttonians alike, there is real faith in the success of RSCCTHT’s mission and a sense of an exciting future.

For now, the fantastic progress that has been made in the inaugural months of the Town Hall’s rebirth, demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the Town Hall’s future is both bright and exciting.

Royal Sutton Coldfield Community Town Hall Trust is currently seeking volunteers to get involved with all aspects of the Town Hall operations, if you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Town Hall please contact us via

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