As a charity, we really need your support.

Your Town Hall requires donations to protect our heritage building for future use. Sutton Coldfield Town Hall is a precious historical building, an asset to the area, and the Trust needs support to keep it functioning.

Thank You! 

From all of the team at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall Trust

After being faced with closure in 2016, a charity trust formed of locals to Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas to take over the management of the building with the twin aims of firstly preventing the closure and beyond that, restoring this iconic, landmark space into an all-encompassing, multi-purpose community and arts venue for this and many years to come.

Thanks to you, local Suttonians and those from further afield, all of the support we have received in the past two and a half years has helped us to stabilise and really start to make some incredible progress as a competitive venue.

As of April 2019, the charity trust took over full ownership of the building and it is now that the hard work begins in earnest.

With your support we can continue to transform and build Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Hall back to its former glory.

Ways To Support Us

Corporate Sponsorship

Are you a business that could help sponsor The Town Hall – either by sponsoring an event or a specific project – we’d love to hear from you and discuss ways in which we can help support each other.


We’re currently raising funds to restore and renovate The Town Hall. The costs of repairs to such a historic building are high, and threaten to undermine the progress our trust has made in putting The Town Hall back on the map, and opening it for all.

2023 Fundraiser

Support Our Fundraising Campaign #MYTOWNHALL

We are launching an APPEAL FOR 200K in order to continue to support your Town Hall and in order to protect it for the future community use, value and enjoyment.


Our volunteers truly make The Town Hall ‘tick’ and we’re immensely grateful to our incredible team of friends who help our charity succeed. We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to help us at events & throughout our work – why not pop in for a cuppa’ and have a chat?