A virtual quiz by Inquizition in collaboration with Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Following his sell out-show at the start of 2020…

…we are delighted that comedian and quizzer PAUL SINHA (The Chase, Paul Sinha’s TV Showdown) will be the first virtual host of our Town Hall Quizzes, live in your own home! Supported by the Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund, all money raised from this event will go towards The Town Hall’s £5Million renovation fund.

The quiz is designed to be varied, fun and not too difficult – a huge mixture of all topics from film, music and TV, to geography, history and science (and everything else in-between)… plus you don’t have to have grown up in the UK to enjoy it.

Streaming starts at 7.50pm, and the quiz starts at 8pm until around 9.30pm

Your ticket will give you a unique zoom link. To take part, you can write your answers on a piece of paper or download the answer sheet sent with your ticket. You’ll mark your own sheet at the end of Round 1 and then again at the end of the quiz when Paul runs through the answers.

It’s £7.50 per screen (unique login).


If it's on Zoom, will my microphone & camera be on?

No. Although we are using Zoom, this is simply to deliver Paul to you – your microphone and camera will be disabled!

Live Chat?

Use the chat box as much as possible – say hello, ask questions, make comments and hilarious banter and let Paul and your community know your scores. Make sure you select ‘All panellists and attendees’ before you send a message otherwise only Paul will see it.

I live on my own or I want to make a remote team!

To play with others, simply set up a second video call on another device and platform (e.g. WhatsApp) (they will need their own login ticket).

How to set up a group video call on WhatsApp:

When does it start?

Streaming starts at 7.50pm – use these 10 minutes to login, get set up and make sure everything’s working. The quiz starts promptly at 8pm.

Are there any prizes available?

No, this quiz is just for fun!

Where do we write our answers?

As this is just for fun, write your answers on a piece of paper at home and mark them yourself.

I don't use paypal!

You do not need a PayPal account – PayPal are simply the card payment provider. It will show up on your account as Inquizition, with any profits from the event going towards Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.

My bank statement says "Inquizition", not the Town Hall!

We’re running our quiz with our partners, Iniquizition. It will show up on your account as Inquizition, with any profits from the event going towards Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.

Important Information

Show Starts: 8PM (Prompt)

Login From: 7:50PM

Estimated Run Time: 1 Hour, 30 minutes.

Intervals: None, but there will be suitable places to take breaks!

Age Guidance: Everyone’s welcome!

This show has been made possible thanks to the Government’s Here For Culture’ Funding