Our House Rules

Here at The Town Hall, we pride ourselves on being a venue for all and we’re working hard to offer a variety of high quality shows. With all of our shows we have a number of ‘House Rules’ which we expect all of our customers to follow.

1: Covid-Awareness and Seeing Shows Safely. Please do not visit the venue with symptoms of Covid-19, if you have tested positive, or you are, or have been advised to, self-isolate. Each show has different rules regarding ticket transfers so please contact us for advice.

2: Please use the hand sanitisers around the building and wash your hands when visiting the bathrooms. We have additional cleaning in place.

3. At present there is no government guidance on mask wearing. It is up to you if you wish to wear one, but it is not compulsory. 

4. Bars are normally open an hour before shows to give you plenty of time to get your drink, relax in your seat and avoid queues.

Click here for our latest Risk Assessment for theatre visitors.

Mobile Phones

We ask that mobile phones, and other devices, are put on turned off/put on ‘silent’ or ‘do not disturb’ for the duration of performances, and that you refrain from using your device until the interval. 

Sit back, relax, and be transported to the wonderful world of theatre – facebook can wait a little while

If you do need to make an emergency call, please step out of the auditorium.

We understand that some customers use their phones for medical reasons – if so, please consider turning your screen brightness down to reduce disruption and avoid unwanted attention – if you need any help or assistance just ask a member of staff.


You’re more than welcome to take photos before & after the show, or during an interval – we’d love to see your shots, so do tag us @SuttonTownHall

However photography is generally not permitted during performances. Whether this is for Copyright, data protection or just minimising disruption – we have to insist that you do not take photos during the event. 

At some events, photography might be permitted – if this is the case, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Climbing on / touching of the stage is NOT permitted

The stage can be a potentially dangerous place if you don’t know what to look out for – often full of equipment, cables or even nails, it’s important that customers refrain from touching or attempting to get onto the stage – for your safety and ours!

No Glassware or Crockery allowed inside the auditorium at ANY time. 

We do not allow glassware or crockery in our auditorium – we have now almost fully transitioned to hard-plastic reusable glassware. However, if your drink does come in glass (such as wine bottles), this MUST be decanted into a plastic cup and the glass bottle left outside of the auditorium. Compostable paper cups are also available for hot drinks.

Refreshments must be purchased on site

We try hard to offer a suitable range of food and drink on all of our events. This allows us to monitor and mitigate auditorium mess and helps our staff clean and refresh the venue ready for subsequent audiences so that they too can enjoy a clean theatre for their show.

Our bar staff reserve the right to refuse service, and we operate a strict challenge 25 service for alcoholic beverages.

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated

We have a zero-tolerance policy on abusive behaviour. Aggressive behaviour and any form of verbal or physical abuse to our employees, and other customers, will not be tolerated.

Please keep your cool, or you will be removed from the venue, and the police may be called.

While it’s always a last resort, we do reserve the right to remove customers from the venue if they are not following our house rules, without a refund. Repeat offenders may be barred.