Sutton Coldfield Town Hall are Proudly Sponsored by Lit Fibre.

Lit Fibre are all about community and connecting … excuse the pun!

Lit Fibre are a lightning-fast internet provider who care about their community. There was an immediate spark between the Town Hall & Lit Fibre when we realised we shared a common interest in Sutton Coldfield community and within lightening seconds, a partnership was struck. 

Creative & Business Development Manager, Vicci Hogan Says …. 

We are delighted to have Lit Fibre supporting Sutton Coldfield Town Hall as a sponsor! It allows us, as a charity, to continue bringing the community together through live events & community engagements. Lit are community driven and so are we so, this is a partnership that was just meant to be…! “

Want to Find Out More? Us too!

We asked Lit Fibre a few questions to discover how they help the community, why they are so special and of course how we get connected with them!

A Little About Lit Fibre.....

What do Lit Fibre do and what’s so special about them?  

Lit Fibre is not just a broadband provider – they value human connections just as much as internet connections. With a mission of “internet done properly”, they’re delivering ultrafast full-fibre broadband, but in a way that’s community-driven and completely customer-obsessed. They know the secret to great broadband is the human touch and skipping past all the confusing jargon.  

Lit Fibre has got it all – lightning-fast internet, transparent packages, and top-notch Customer Support that is not just a buzzword, but a reality for this great broadband provider. They are committed to making every day a little smoother for their customers with the support of a company that cares about creating a brighter future for their communities.  

And the best part is, Lit Fibre’s ultrafast full-fibre internet is now available in Sutton Coldfield! It’s time to wave goodbye to those slow speeds and frozen video calls and say a big hello to the internet you really deserve.  

Something you didn’t know about Lit Fibre… 

Lit Fibre just don’t do mid-contract price hikes, because let’s face it, price hikes are no joke. There’s a better way of doing internet! So, you can sleep easy knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying for your internet month on month. And what’s even better is that the speeds you see advertised is the speeds you’ll actually be getting in your home.  

How to get connected with lightning-fast full-fibre with Lit Fibre? 

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to full-fibre with Lit Fibre and experience internet like never before. Skip past all those dropped-out video calls, game lag, and interruptions to your favourite show when your whole family is at home.  

Make sure to head to to check your postcode, and select your broadband package. They have some amazing deals on offer at the moment, so keep a look out on their website! Don’t worry, if you’re unsure about which package would suit your home best, they’re always here with a helping hand. Just give them a call on 0330 460 4610 (make sure to save the number for later!) between 8am – 8pm, available all week. 

Want to Keep in Touch About Our Exclusive Deals?

Just call the local friendly Sales Team Martyn 07429 478 705 & Joe 07429 478 930 for even more exclusive deals!

Got a Question ? Contact Their Customer Service Team On:

0330 460 4610. Available 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm.

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Follow Lit on @litfibre on Facebook,Instagram,and X (Formally Twitter).