What are ‘The Arts’?

What is meant by ‘The Arts’?  Trustee Rosemary Walton explains…


The Arts are of tremendous value to the Community. They provide numerous ways in which we can make our lives better by being creative and using the skills and talents we have been given.

THE ARTS include, VISUAL ARTS (Architecture, Ceramics, Drawing, Film making, Painting, Photography and Sculpting).  LITERARY ARTS Fiction, Drama, Poetry and Prose.  PERFORMING ARTS (Dance, Music and Theatre), and CULINARY ARTS (Cooking, chocolate making and wine making).

Supporting the Arts is extremely important and there are ways in which we can do this.

We can attend THE THEATRE, where we can enjoy the various entertainments provided. We can take part, helping backstage behind the scenes, with lighting, scenery, props, etc. or with front of house, welcoming people, selling programmes or raffle tickets.  Going to the Theatre is a lovely way to spend an evening.

MUSIC is another important part of THE ARTS.  We all love music and it covers all types and caters for all our tastes.  We have Orchestral Concerts to go to, we have Band Concerts to go to, we have choirs to listen to, etc.   We can also take part as a Performer or organiser.

ART also comes within the title of THE ARTS.  We think of Artists standing in front of their Easels with pallet and brush in hand ready to creative a picture.  We think of paintings on display in Galleries and displayed locally in Exhibitions staged by a LOCAL SOCIETY OF ARTISTS.  As with other categories of THE ARTS, we can participate by becoming Artists and producing paintings ourselves.

Into PERFORMING ARTS, we include the entertainment offered by Comedians.  Our lives are greatly enhanced by the people who stand on stage and tell jokes and stories to make us laugh.  We all feel uplifted when presented with the opportunity to share in funny situations and when we can enjoy an evening of laughter.

THE ARTS give us the opportunity to leave the stress of living behind us and put great value upon being able to have such ways to enjoy and make our lives better.  We must treasure THE ARTS and do all we can to promote and support them.

Rosemary Walton – 21st Sept. 2020.