Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Hall

House Rules

At Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, we pride ourselves on being a venue for all of the community and are working incredibly hard to deliver a venue with an array of varied and high quality shows. With any show however, we (Sutton Coldfield Town Hall) have a number of policies in place which, upon purchase of ones ticket, are policies or ‘House Rules’ we expect Patrons to respect.

(1)  The first of these is that, in the auditorium, use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. 

No Mobs

This policy exists for many reasons, such as:

– This policy exists as an important safeguarding measure for children who may be performing onstage but also for those children also in the audience. This policy is designed to protect their privacy and prevent unsolicited footage and/or photography from being distributed. Moreover, such mobile phone usage may be found to be in breach of GDPR regulations and therefore deemed an illegal act.

– This policy exists to minimise distractions to your follow patrons and audience members also trying to enjoy the show. Please be mindful of others who have purchased tickets and have as much right to enjoy the show as you do.

– This policy exists to minimise distractions to the act(s) onstage – allowing them to give you their best possible performance for you to enjoy.

– To prevent copyrighted material and unsolicited material from shows/gigs/routines from being distributed to online and elsewhere.

Those caught with their phones out, in breach of this policy, will be spoken to and given a warning by theatre staff. If this behaviour continues then we reserve the right to ask you to leave the auditorium and the show MAY be stopped until the phone is switched off (and put away) or such as time as the individual has exited the auditorium.

There is ample opportunity before and after shows in other areas of the venue for photographs.

**Where this is NOT the case and filming or photography is permitted, then there will be signs saying so. In the absence of any such signage to the contrary of this policy, means we firmly expect all patrons to respect this. 

(2) Climbing on / touching of the stage is NOT permitted. On certain occasions, such as in Panto, children may be invited onstage to join the actors in a community song and dance – this is of course welcomed! In general, there is a lot of valuable equipment on the stage and so to prevent any damage to this, we kindly ask patrons keep their distance. Some of the equipment on and under the stage may be heavy and there may be nails/sharp objects in and under the stage so for yours and your children’s safety we ask you refrain from climbing/touching the stage. We do kindly ask that all parents do keep their children under control at all times in the venue (to prevent damage to property or harm to themselves and others).

(3) No Glassware or Crockery allowed inside the auditorium at ANY time. This policy exists to protect all patrons as well as the acts onstage. Glass or crockery, if broken – whether thrown, knocked, trodden on etc – , can leave sharp pieces that could seriously harm yourself and others. On each refreshment stand you will find plastic and paper cups for cold and hot drinks respectively. Any glass bottles (i.e. wine) MUST be decanted into a plastic cup and the glass bottle left in the Vesey Lounge and in any case outside of the auditorium.

(4) Refreshments must be purchased on site. We try hard to offer a suitable range of food and drink on all of our events. This policy exists for a couple of reasons. First off, it allows us to monitor and mitigate auditorium mess. This makes it easier for staff to have the venue cleaned and tidied ready for subsequent audiences so that they too can enjoy a clean theatre for their show. Further to this, in particular as pertains to alcohol, it allows us to ensure that no patrons become intoxicated and do not as a result of this, become disruptive to events and shows.